“Enjoy an affordable but professional haircut at Bomisol’s beauty Salon”
At Bomisol we offer the best hair spa in kochi and hair cut services in Cochin for all hair lengths and styles, to help you achieve the look you desire. Our professional stylists are happy to answer any questions you might have during your personalized consultation.
Our Master hair stylists stay updated with the latest hair trends. You can then choose your haircut style from a selection of pictures. Or better yet bring your own illustration and see how our Master stylist can transform you. We believe that a hair salon experience should be a completely comfortable and enjoyable one


Best hair spa in kochi
Hair Cut
Best hair spa in kochi
Signature Haircut - Basic
Best hair spa in kochi
Haircut - Advanced
Best hair spa in kochi
Creative Haircut
Best hair spa in kochi
Blow Style Setting
Best hair spa in kochi
Best hair spa in kochi
Roller Setting
Best hair spa in kochi
Best hair spa in kochi
Hair Put up


Colouring your hair can be a bit confusing when you are about to choose from a wide variety of styles. The colour you select need to fit in with your thoughts, as well as suit your lifestyle. Let our professionally trained hair stylists provide you with the look you want – or the look you’ve always wanted. Either if you have virgin or ultra-processed hair we will find the right match of colour and technique to start with and also helping you taking care and maintain your colour at home advising you with the best products to use according to your budget and schedule.

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You can be sure you have the best of best hair treatments at Bomisol. We have wide varieties of hair treatment to suit every colour and type of hair, even the really damaged dull hair types are more than welcome to visit Bomisol. We guarantee whatever condition your hair is in, we can work wonders on it.

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Frequently asked questions

Is hair spa good for hair?

Yes, it is necessary for healthy good looking hair. The best hair spa rejuvenates and nourishes your hair to bring it back to life. It aims at nourishing your scalp and making the roots stronger therefore it is highly recommended to do a hair spa at least once a month.

How do I treat my hair after coloring?

You’re rocking your new hair colour, and you really don’t want it to go down the drain in your first few washes. But some hair care products can quickly strip hair dye so it is recommended to opt for color radiance treatment from a professional hairstylist to protect your hair color from fading.

How can I stop my hair from breaking?

vWe recommend anti-breakage strengthening treatment for those experiencing such problems. A broken hair is not being lost from the scalp but it can still lead to hair loss, thinning, and slow growth. Hair trimming and strengthening treatment and can escape you from this.

Does head massage increase hair growth?

Yes, massaging your scalp helps in hair growth as it increases blood circulation in your head and can even strengthen your follicles. Doing it from a professional masseur will be better for good results.