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Bomisol organic spa located in Cochin popularly known as the “Queen of Arabian Sea”, is a wellness brand promoted by Horizon Holidays and Wellness. At Bomisol we customize your experience with ancient organic healing philosophies derived from natural elements. The brand was conceptualized on the wellbeing of life through three significant attributes like body, mind and the soul.
We emerged as the best spa in Kochi on adhering to the strictest Spa guidelines of service and cleanliness. From massages to facials, body & hair treatments and much more! You will feel the benefit of the finest therapeutic treatments and organic products made for you. Our holistic day spa treatments also include Aromatherapy, western, Swedish, Deep Tissue and signature Bomisol full body massage.

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Why Bomisol?

“Pampered in an assuring professional ambiance with natural genuine brands by qualified therapists utilizing cutting edge healing modalities, to ensure your personal spa experience is both restorative and rejuvenating”

The healing powers of touch therapy have been expounded on since ancient times. Likewise, Bomisol spa in Kochi is a 21st-century approach to wellness. Spa and touch therapies are intrinsically connected. The nurturing touch of Bomisol on one’s body has benefits that go beyond the physical realm. Similarly, our signature treatment, Bomisol full body massage using 100% Organic massage oil have the power to benefit both emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Bomisol can be a blessing when you want to get away from the urban scenario to relax, detox, and beautify. Give us a call and feel the difference! We are right near to you at the heart of Cochin city.

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