Important self-care tips in this lockdown!

Now in this second lock we must be grateful at having enough food and health. This new way of living had given the best opportunity to pile on the self care to show the best version of us. Even weakly parlor visits have stopped you can maintain the well being of your body by practicing some self care routines at home. Let’s utilize this locked weeks more effectively by following these directions. 

Keep your hands moisturized 

In  an attempt to keep ourselves and others safe we are washing and sanitizing hands more than usual. Harsh soaps and alcohol leave our hands rawer than ever, taking away natural oils. Keep hands moisturized, use moisturizing soap, and keep your own towel to dry them. 

Steam your face

Steaming plays a significant role in opening pores, removing dead skin cells and dirt, softening blackheads as well as in increasing circulation. Take a bowl of boiling water and lower your face on the upcoming steam carefully. For effective results add some essential oil or herbs in to the water.

Time for skincare routine

In the same way that you regularly brush your teeth, your skin requires some attention for healthy functioning. When the pandemic affected your weekly parlor visits it is time to pamper your skin at home by following a skin care routine. The time you used to rush to the office is free now, depending upon the skin type feed it with essential nutrients daily.

Home manicure and pedicure

Pampering your nails at home is quiet easy. For that clean your nails by trimming and removing old nail polishes then dip them into warm water with rock salt and essential oils. Scrub them using a foot scrub for exfoliation. Then dry it with cotton and moisturize. Repeat this once in very weak for better glow.

Water and sleep

Above all, hydration and sleep plays the key role in healthy mind and body. Have enough sleep for about 6 to 8 hours, drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. Both are interconnected components that will keep you refreshed and help you perform brighter throughout the day.