How and why take care of your foot?

Most people even in their hectic schedules find time to take care of their face and hair alone unwitting the fact that the foot is our second heart. Feet are composed of twenty-six major bones and the calf muscle in feet plays a crucial role in the body’s circulatory system. So taking care of your foot is also paramount.
Proper care for your foot will help in reducing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, etc. When your feet are hurt your basic functions also get disturbed so I have listed few foot care tips that will help you to stay healthy and beautiful.

Keep it clean

Wash your foot properly after returning home from outside. Apart from regular wash do a deep cleaning every week. For that begin with removing your nail paint if any exist after that cut your toenails straight across, now scrub with a mild shampoo and warm water to remove dirt thoroughly, wash and dry. If you are not sure about the steps approach a pedicure specialist near you.


After deep cleansing dry it with a tissue or cloth. Apply moisturizer to the feet except between toes. For those with dry skin may see their feet to be dry and hard always they can use moisturizer frequently to escape from flakes and dryness.

Shop carefully

Choose your footwear carefully, do not go for tight shoes and high heels for regular use. Flat-soled sandals are always better. Wearing high heels regularly could develop a bunion on the foot resulting in swelling, soreness, and pain. You can use it occasionally.

Don’t exchange

Do not share your footwear with others they can be a career of virus and bacteria.


Above all, foot massage is the best way to care for your foot. Approach a professional massage parlor near you and get a foot massage done regularly. At Bomisol spa, we offer foot massage with organic oils for about 30minutes. Our trained masseur works on your foot to improve circulation, stimulate muscles, reduce tension, and improve overall flexibility.