5 Massage myths you should stop believing!

Since ancient times, massage therapies are been used to promote wellness round the globe. But still there are many misconceptions that people have about massage therapies. Here are some myths you might have heard before.

 Massage is luxury

 This is the most famous myth spread everywhere! Most people get into this misconception as they have only seen luxury spa of exotic resorts in television shows. But truth is that, massage doesn’t require any luxury ambiance, tropical flowers and desserts instead it requires tranquil space and a good masseur. Moreover, massage is a proven solution for many problems including anxiety, digestive disorder, headaches, injuries, joint pains, stress and more. 

It’s not good unless it hurts

No! It is normal to feel tenderness on the next day of a massage especially after deep tissues massage well it is also common to feel no pain. But some people believe that no pain after massage is a failure. Each massage has distinct intentions some are to relax your mind, some to treat injuries, relax tight tissues, muscles ,etc. 

Don’t disturb the therapist

Every massage session you have is to benefit yourself so make sure you are comfortable throughout the session. You should tell your therapist if anything feels uncomfortable for you. At Bomisol massage parlor in Kochi, our masseurs will be grateful if you felt free to communicate your feelings about the session. 

Massage is only for muscles

No! Along with relaxation to muscles a massage can benefit you by reducing stress level, anxiety, depression, blood pressure and stretching the tightened areas of joints.  Beyond pampering it gives you better sleep, good range of movements and refreshment. 

Unsafe to get a massage while pregnant 

Not absolutely, there are custom tailored massages for benefiting both mother and the baby inside. Many women attend a massage session during their second and third trimester. It will reduce their depression, anxiety and some kind of aches that occur during their pregnancy. Never let these myths stop you from wellness. Visit Bomisol spa in Kochi to experience the wide benefits of ancient massage therapies. Also drop your queries about our therapies to [email protected].