Nail Care Tips For Every Nail Type

In a perfect world, all women would have beautifully manicured nails without any effort. But, as you probably know all too well, this simply isn’t the case. Getting great-looking nails takes a great deal of work, time, and (often) money. However, even the best manicure or pedicure won’t solve the underlying problem of unhealthy nails. Fortunately, no matter what your nail type may be, we’ve got some tailored nail-care tips to help you achieve healthier and more naturally beautiful nails.

Cracked or Damaged Nails

Most often, nails become damaged over time due to excessive dryness, which can occur when you paint your nails very often. The constant application of polish, followed by the use of harsh nail polish remover, can be a vicious cycle on delicate nails. If you’re dealing with cracked, damaged nails, try using a cuticle oil on them daily to promote new growth and strength. Furthermore, try to give them a break from polish for a while; a quality top coat is all you need to give your nails a nice shimmer while keeping them healthy and protected.

Weak and Thin Nails

Do your nails seem very thin and bend easily? If so, then you probably have a hard time growing them out. Many women have thin and weak nails thanks to simple genetics, and believe it or not, the most common cause of this problem is nails that are overly hydrated. To help strengthen protein bonds in nails and make them stronger, limit their exposure to water by wearing gloves while washing the dishes. Also, when using a nail polish remover, stick with a gentle formula designed for use on weak nails.

Dry and Brittle Nails

What if you have nails that seem to break easily? You probably get frustrated because your nails have a tendency to break at the worst possible times, such as immediately after you’ve painted them. If this is the case, you could again be dealing with a lack of hydration. Start by using a hand moisturizer every day to help add hydration to the nails themselves. You might also want to consider trimming and filing your nails into a more rounded shape, as this can make them less susceptible to breakage.

For the Lucky Ones

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has naturally healthy nails. Good for you! But you should be aware that it doesn’t take much in the way of bad habits to go from beautiful, healthy nails to damaged ones very quickly. Keep your nails nice and strong by using a moisturizer daily while avoiding chemicals and even hot water, which can easily dry out nails and make them brittle. And once your nails become damaged, it can take a long time to repair them.

Achieving beautiful nails takes a lot of work, but achieving beautiful and healthy nails is even more of a challenge. Be sure to identify your specific nail type and follow the recommended tips to improve your nail strength, appearance, and overall health.