Hair Colouring in Kochi

The Benefits of Hair Coloring

Although hair coloring is a way of life for many people, some decide on a change of color for creative reasons, while others simply cover up gray hair. Whichever reason to color your hair, there are plenty of advantages for you to go for the color you like and represents you. Here are the benefits of coloring your hair:

Added thickness

Coloring plumps the hair shaft and can make hair temporarily thicker and with more body than before. So, in case you have fine hair, color can be great for you! Hair color adds a coating to your hair that improves and thickens the texture of your hair. This also translates into more volume, and we know you want that!


Putting a subtle color on the hair can create varied hues that pick up and reflect light differently – which can make the hair seem more vibrant and really appealing.

Beautiful Results

If you get professional hair coloring done correctly at a good salon, you are sure to get beautiful, glossy hair within a couple of hours or less – depending on your choice of color.

Improved Appearance

Hair color treatments are great ways to change your hair, according to your mood and personality. If you want to try out new looks, you can always enhance your appearance by changing your hair color.

Customized Colors

You can get your hair done professionally and achieve customized results by consulting a professional hair stylist. This way you can develop a hair color that fully represents your unique personality.

Protected Hair

Hair color protects actually your hair from environmental hazards like pollution, wind, or excessive heat from the sun, as well as cold temperatures in the winter.

Personality Expression

You can express and show off your personality by trying different, specific colors that represent you. Hair color can also improve your self-image.

Shiny Hair

If you like shiny hair, don’t give up on coloring your hair. Color helps refract more light, therefore it adds dimensions to your hair and helps reflect colors, which adds more shine.

Stronger Hair

You may not have thought of this, but every time you add color to your hair, you add strength to it. Colors add a certain coating on your hair which helps making your hair stronger. So, in case you have weak hair or slightly damaged hair, a semi-permanent color can actually help to build up your hair strength.

Smooth Hair

Color can also help tame frizzy hair by conditioning your hair and add more weight to your hair; and this really helps to keep your hair smooth and manageable.

So, choosing the right hair color shade can take your hair from dull and drab to gorgeous and unique.

Don’t be afraid to try new hair colors, new looks! Just make sure you find the right hair professionals who can achieve the look you want without damaging your hair.

Bomisol Hair Care

Getting a color can be scary when you don’t know what to expect. You can trust that you are in good hands when you come into our spa, because we specialize in color, and we have some of the best colorists in the kochi! We thrive to give our clients the best possible color service and that does not only means achieving the color you want but also doing it with the least amount of damage possible!